Weekend round up

I preached Sunday morning and was amused by the brief!
Title given: ‘Asbo, the only hope?’
All well and good but my brief was to talk about my work AND expound Luke 18:15-25 all in the context of an all age talk to a family service that included a Baptism party OH and all within 10 minutes (plus the young people had been doing a sleepover as part of the 24 hour famine and were likely to fall asleep). LOL.
It was a FAB church community though and a fantastic welcome. I really enjoyed chatting to the young people 🙂
Oh and on Saturday ….
VERTIGO went well with 100’s of teenagers turning up! Enormous thanks to the Cafe team (Chris, Chris, Richard, Dan and Zac). The worship was led by Team West and the St Laurence band, sensational. Krish Kandiah spoke on mission, the cafe area was full of mission agencies sharing possibilities and opportunities, Oxford Youth Works chatted to everyone and the bandstand was LOUD! Nuff said
This entry is filed under ‘Slightly boring news round up’ but I though you might want to know and I wanted to be able to record my THANKS to everyone who made VERTIGO happen 🙂