Music and Lyrics

I got to check out Music and Lyrics on the big screen last night and thought I’d rattle off a review-ette in case it’s helpful!
music n lyrics.jpg The film is very definitely housed in Rom-Com city close to the border with Chick-Flick, having said that though I should point out that I enjoyed the film and experienced some wonderful ‘laugh like a drain’ moments. The premise is that Alex Fletcher (Hugh) is a has-been musician. His band ‘Pop’ (an affectionate mockery of Wham) were massive in the 80’s and his former band mate now enjoys a great Solo career while Alex survives by playing the nostalgia circuit, the gigs however are drying up.
He is offered a big break when teen pop sensation Cora Corman (the Britney figure) invites him to write a song and guest sing with her. Two problems though, a tight time scale and the fact that Alex Fletcher writes music not lyrics! However this is his big chance and he has to deliver the goods. Fortunately Sophie Fisher (Drew) enters his life when she subs for his normal Plant person! It turns out she has a way with words and the film meanders nicely from this meeting on a fairly predictable journey through to a romantic happy ending.
musicanl.jpg It may be a little syrupy in places but it’s great fun. The thing that makes it so fabulous is the accurate re-creation of the cheesy 80’s pop with original tunes and words that could so easily have been hits in that decade. It also nicely contrasts the cheeky cheesy suggestiveness of the 80’s with the scantily clad crotch gyrating led pop of Britney et al. (it’s also a fun critique of pop flirting with spirituality)
At one level, this is a good Rom-Com that Hugh and Drew play well, nothing remarkable but it is enjoyable. What really lifts it though is that if you experienced the 80’s then this has so much to connect with, smile about and tap your feet to. I loved it …… February Feel Fine Film Finesse!