Matrix Transport collective

OK, this is a new direction for the blog! Not so much social networking more, transportational networking 🙂
It’s less than a month to the MATRIX conference and this site could be the portal for pooling, the conduit for car sharing, and the gathering for greener travel!
SO: I’ve had an e-mail from someone traveling from the Aylesbury area who is happy to offer or receive a lift. Anyone?
Personally I’ll be rattling East in the Youthblogmobile along the M4 corridor and then in an act of wild optimism swinging onto the M25 and hoping it’s in Motorway mode rather than car park mode. I’m happy to pick anyone up on the way!
Please leave any other potential routes to High Leigh and pleas for lifts here …………
“The advantages of having a pool car were not immediately clear”

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  1. I’ll be travelling from High Wycombe but need to work out if that is via some form of station or airport (or relative’s house) to collect Agent K before I offer or request lifts! Thanks for the heads up tho

  2. Alice there is a station really near high leigh. We could probably manage that but I don’t know agent K’s flight plans yet – or the size of her luggage!

  3. Turns out Agent K is doing Luton… so I can’t volunteer for that one I’m afraid. But anyone wanting a lift form the station pop over to my blog and get in touch.

  4. any chance of anyone coming near Faringdon, I’ve booked in at last!)i could possibly get into Oxford or Swindon if anyone is going from either of these places?

  5. Yes Sara, It’s you that’s anonymously mentioned in the post. You have therefore offered yourself a lift and accepted it 🙂 I’m sure the two of you will have plenty to talk about.
    I look forward to seeing you at Matrix

  6. I’ve finally got myself organised,and know what train I’m getting. I’m looking for a lift from Broxbourne station at 14:52, well that’s what time I should arrive anyway!
    Is that ok Sarah?
    I don’t mind what time I get a lift back to the station as long as I do! The trains into London are quite frequent.

  7. As I put on your site, Alice, I’m picking up Agent K at 3pm at Luton so we won’t be near the station til 4pm, sorry. What d’ya wanna do… Ian might be able to get ya?

  8. I think I’ll grab a taxi if that’s ok, and join in the hordes eating the buffet!
    See you there! Thanks for the offer.

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