Lift sharing to Matrix

lift share.jpg
I’m still keen for the blog to hook up Matrix conference goers so do have a look here and see if there’s anyone you can share transport with. Oh and leave further requests.
Only 20 days to GO, Yay 🙂

2 Replies to “Lift sharing to Matrix”

  1. Enjoyed the last 2 in a big way but unfortunately cannot make this one. Have great fun and enjoy – look forward to the blog reports from it.

  2. Ok I am picking up a north of the border youth worker from Luton at 3pm so anyone wanting lifts from the station before then will need to look elsewhere. Broxbourne station – apparently the nearest is 35 miles from Luton so I could be there by 4pm on the way to High Leigh or any kind of time on request from say 4.30pm after we’ve got there.

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