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germn 3mnth.jpgI’ve been working through my well thumbed copy of “German in Three Months” for about 15 years now (nearly half way through!) but this relies on a goodly chunk of time to sit down and actually study the book (hence the limited progress). However when I was helping a friend move some furniture yesterday I stumbled across a Free CD that had dropped out of a copy of the Independent (Newspaper) many moons ago, it’s called “Instant German” and I have salvaged it.
Now this is even more optimistically titled than my book but I figured as it was CD based I could at least ‘instantly’ learn while washing up or the like.
instger2.jpg So …. tonight while tackling Mt Washing Up I fired up the CD player for some ‘Instant’ Learning. It turns out there should be a booklet (presumably this is in the long since lost copy of the newspaper) but I gave it a go anyway. I particularly liked the very practical advice in the introduction to chapter one.
“Please open the book at ‘week one’ so you can follow along; but if you are currently behind the wheel of a car or jogging I wouldn’t advise you to do this!”

I also enjoyed their suggestion of pronouncing a certain vowel combination (and I quote) “like the letter ‘i’ in the english word ‘fly’ “ ?????
Anyway I’ve learned a bit more vocab (as well as a new way to spell ‘fly!’)
It was also today that I spotted an advert for a Youth work job in Germany! Very tempting BUT I may need another three months of Instant learning yet.

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  1. I once had a copy of a Slovenian:English phrasebook which had such gems as Arsenal nil : Chelsea nil (translated as Arsenal nij Chelsea nij) and “My daughter has mislaid her handbag”. Vital for any business trips.

  2. My friend learnt “I would like to buy green pyjamas for my husband” and “My room doesn not have an ashtray” in Russian… irony being she was a single non smoker!

  3. I once translated the Monty Python Lumberjack Song into French (as part of a detention for singing it in class I believe). The chorus worked well, but the verses didn’t scan – on the basis that the French have far too many words.
    Still some experiences never leave you.
    “Oh… Je suis bûcheron et je suis bien…”

  4. In our eatliest and most enthusiastic studying of “German in three months” my wife and I got to grips with one of the ‘set piece’ conversations between the owner of a hot-dog wagon and a customer. The customer ordered 2 cokes and 1 sausage to which the incredulous reply came,
    “Was! Sie Wollen Zwei Cola aber nur eine Wurst!”
    (What! YOU want 2 cokes BUT ONLY one sausage?”)
    It has become a regularly and nonsensical expression of surprise in our household but I’ve still not managed to weave it into a proper German conversation.

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