I’m a bit green on this one

Eeeeeek. For reasons that I assume made sense at the time, I had agreed to do a talk next Sunday on Young People’s attitude to Climate change and the environment! It’s entitled, “The World for Young People?” and that is about as far as I’ve got …….. hence this blog plea! Anyone got any research, conversations or stories that would contribute to a picture of how young people react and respond to environmental concern!
I chatted to some of the young people yesterday morning which was fun BUT I still lack a LOT of material!
Any information donations to the “Get Ian out of another silly hole that he has created for himself” knowledge fund would be gratefully received 🙂
Probably won’t use this cartoon in the talk

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  1. How about looking at the youth oriented pages of Tearfund or Greenpeace? There’s also the national curriculum section covering citizenship – I remember being in a classroom of 8 year olds who were discussing what they could do to help the environment using a book that just had a view from a window as it changed over time from fields to a growing city. No idea what it was called unfortunately. That in mind – you could ask Ellie!

  2. What about the video clip that was on the blog (a while ago now)? I can’t remember what it was called but it was Pink Floyd – the wall and all these kids running around looking like they are up to no good and actually trying to make the world more environmentally friendly. I think todays young people are more environmentally savvy than we sometimes give them credit for!

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