How to capture YouTube clips

My Friend the Mizmeister has sent me this ‘how to’ for capturing YouTube clips, I haven’t had chance to try it yet as I.T do not allow us any administrative rights on our Laptops so downloading programmes is a no-no. However if you’re anything like me then being able to borrow clips from YouTube would be infinitely useful and so here’s a copy of the Top Secret Mission Impossible instuctions:

Use firefox as a browser with the videodownloader add on.
mitom.jpgWhen you are on the youtube movie clip you want in firefox, click the videodownloader icon on the bottom right of the browser.
Another window will open and give you a download option. Click that and let it download, normally to the desktop. When it is done make sure you change the file extension to .flv (Right click and select ‘rename’ change the name as you would like then complete the name with .flv)
Now you have the clip as an flv file on your pc. If you are happy to view flv’s then that’s it. However… They’re not too useful. You can convert the file to a much more usable mpeg with the free riva encoder
See instructions here
(the convertor is a bit confusing as it doesn’t give you an option panel. However its very simple, all you do is name the outputfile and end it with .mpg and it is then converted to an mpeg)
You can then play the resulting mpeg in most media players!

These instruction will, obviously, self destruct in 10 seconds!

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  1. I’ve done a similar thing. I put all the clips I wanted on DVD for our weekend away. Once you’ve done it the first time it takes no time at all. I’ve also worked out how to put my creative worship stuff on youtube which is cool and also free from my blog.

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