4 Replies to “Half Vicar Half Social Worker”

  1. Hello friends!
    Ian, that looks too scary for words! But I know how annoying it is when people ask what you do and you simply dont fit into any nice neat category they have laid out.
    I am in need! Does anyone have a list of Bible verses of Gods promises/ affirmations / views of his children that I could half hinch?! E.g. There is no condemnation, God loves us unconditionally. But with all the relevant references etc?! I remember a while ago there was a real tacky presentation thing with tingly pingy music going around via email on this subject. I got rid of it but now I really want it or need it!
    Many thanks

  2. Did you get permission to use the other person’s head ? You might be sued for deformation of character if he objects ! Or is he using the same picture on his blog ? yours, Confused of Birmingham

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