Giving up, embracing and exploring

lent.jpg We did the Shrove Tuesday Pancake fest last night which was fab, I went for the very orthodox Lemon and Sugar approach. A tad’ unadventurous perhaps but hey, it tasted GOOD!
Anyway, to LENT! I find myself wanting to keep in the rhythm of Lent more than ever before. And this year for me Lent will also contain a fantastic ministry opportunity because I speak on a Ski trip in the week leading up to Easter.
Anyway I want Lent to consist of a giving up, an embracing and an exploring! So, Chocolate and biscuits are out of the window for the next 40 days (no Mars Bars!!!!!) , I want to spend more time in Silence and reflection, I also want to be more open to listening to the people I encounter and opportunities to make a difference that then open up. This is my hope and prayer for the next few weeks! I’m recording this here as otherwise it is in danger of remaining more in the realms of diet than discipleship.
LENT LINKS: (please add more via comments)
I see that Andy Goodliff will also be going Cold Turkey on the Mars Bar front and has included some useful Lentan links (including the story of a woman who is giving up supermarkets which I thought was fab). There’s the Love Life, Live Lent campaign that the Church of England have put together (This is a great thing that you can get your young people involved with). Some good links on the Dave de la Cartoon site and on Tim Abbotts site.
Along the lines of the text messages, Andy Goodliff has a fab one-a-day challenge resource!

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  1. I will be giving up swearing for lent, hopefully for 40 days but its going to be tricky especially at football.

  2. At the risk of coming on all Lynne Truss – very glad you used a comma in the title. For a second I thought it read “Giving up embracing and exploring” which sounds a like a recommendation from Joyce Huggett !

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