Fork Handles on the Birthday cake

40.jpgSaturday night was party night! This was a bit of a surprise as I thought Jo was taking me out for a meal to celebrate my impending birthday. However I nipped out to pick up the babysitter and arrived back to find an unfolding party at Macdonald Towers, Awesome! Friends turned up from all over with the necessary components of a party, sadly my friend G never made it as his car went Kaput in Cheltenham and he and ALL the curry had to be rescued by the AA.
Great evening and I had a blast BUT you know you are getting older when there is one candle per decade rather than the more traditional 1 candle = 1 year approach 🙂

Funniest moment:

The Rector and his good lady wife rang the doorbell and my 6 year old answered the door. He took one look at them and then shouted with great happiness and at several hundred decibels, “IT’S JESUS!”
Well chuffed with various presents including the ‘Lycra fund’ to get some new cycling kit (thanks). Most intriguing present? Well being *a bit* of a Scrabble addict I was delighted to get a new UBER Scrabble set. It’s called Super Scrabble and has a board with twice the number of squares that extends out to Quadruple word score. Kind of Scrabble on steroids ……. anyone fancy a game?

4 Replies to “Fork Handles on the Birthday cake”

  1. Happy Birthday! Bring that scrabble to matrix and we can have a youh worker scrabble-off. ‘Contextualization,’ anyone?

  2. totally – massive scrabble challenge sounds like a go-er! If you’ve not finished writing your seminar by then it coul dbe the ultimate answer!! Happy B’day for tommorow. Can’t believe you can be as old as 30 already!! ;oP

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