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chrchsurvey.jpgAnyone know anything about this Church Survey UK? I got a flyer for it this morning in an envelope claiming to be “personal mail” and looking hand written. On checking, several other people in the office have one too. Checking the web, the report seems to be genuine although the citations on the web site from a “Church of england Bishop” and a “Clergy wife” don’t ring of authenticity.
Also, looking at the questions asked, one of them seems very loaded, (What purpose does the ‘Maxim’ in the question serve other than influencing the answer)
“The traditional custom of ‘clergy visiting’ has steadily declined in spite of the maxim ‘a house going minister makes a chuch going people’. Do you think the demise of the customary visiting role is significant?”
I may be a bit biased because I’m reacting to the dishonest way it got onto my desk BUT I’m happy to hear that it does contain some useful information and data if anyone can tell me more?

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  1. Is that really a quote saying that this is a good report to read to find out a ‘view from the pew’? That anyone would think the way to find out what people in the pews (and those who have recently left the pews and those not in the pews) is to read a report highlights pretty clearly for me what the problem is. You actually have to engage with the pew fodder yourself. Although it seems a lot like putting on a theatre production there’s meant to be a big difference.

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