Youthgroup activity?

This has cropped up quite a bit around the blogosphere in the last few days but its too mind blowingly scary to pass up. I defy you not to take a sharp intake of breath when you see how far they stretch the bungee and a second one when you see how fast the girl accelerates on release. Mad! weird! cool?

Don’t try this at home folks! Pulling several G while hooked to a rubber band between two washing line posts has death written all over it! All credit to the lass involved though for getting a years worth of adrenaelin kicks in less than a second!

5 Replies to “Youthgroup activity?”

  1. Awesome! Love it! Brill! My kind of thing! Why cant I try it at home?! Or even better, with some of my many churched kids??!?! Lets be radical!

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