Want to run a media project?

If you’ve got some 13-19 year olds who would LOVE to do a media project but you are thinking, “We just don’t have the money!”
Then click here then leap around the room ecstatically before inviting your young people to a creative meeting at McDonalds* and seeing if this lights their fire!
*Or the vegetarian alternative!

4 Replies to “Want to run a media project?”

  1. That looks awesome – thanks Ian. We recently got £6000 from the Challenge 2000 and Childrens Fund and my kids now want to use that to go on and do more multimedia and arts stuff so I can’t wait to tell them about it tonight.

  2. hey ian, am trying to find ur woolhope-something or other place on the net, is there a website for it?? im curious about some residential stuff for fusion.

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