The world is a strange place!

Someone has just shown me their customised Google desk top, admittedly it was great and readily presented updated relevent data/stories that were useful (and amusing) to the person involved. The weird thing is that one of the reasons Google took the net by storm is that the existing browsers (Yahoo et al) were so cluttered and full of ‘useful’ stuff that they were messy and inefficient, not to mention slow. So Google now allow you to customise your desk top to reproduce the kind of browsers they replaced in order to conquer the market! Weird!
I’ve also had a conversation with someone who was worn out after playing on a Wii. This also amused me in that gaming was now a cardio-vascular exercise and not just a cerebral one. This is great but does this revolution mean that if Gyms are going to last they are going to have to change their approach and deliver entertainment that makes no physical demands.
(BTW, here’s the data from someone who’s lost weight via Nintendo!)
I’m not saying either of these developments aren’t great, they just amused me!