That’s my girl!

I hesitated before this post as it strays dangerously close to sappy proud parent territory but as it made me laugh I decided you might forgive me!
qbox.jpgWe’d just got back from Church on Sunday and I was chatting to my 9 year old daughter about how her group had been. She said it’d been good and then said, “Oh, they’ve got a question box!”
I said that maybe I should give her a really difficult question to put in there for fun and I mentally ran through a couple of real theological toughies. Reigning my train of thought back in though I asked her if she’d submitted a question.
“Yes,” she said, “there was something I wanted to know!”
“What was it?” I enquired
“I asked, “she replied, “Whether Jesus was the son of God or was God in human form!”
It made me laugh that she’d actually, out of her own interest, submitted a fiendishly complex theological conundrum and worded it so clearly. That’s my girl!

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