Preparation City

At the moment I am big time in Preparation City, the view is nothing but mind maps, data, books and scribblings. I’m quite enjoying myself but I always struggle when ‘gigs’ that require prep’ are really close together as I end up drifting between them rather than completing one and then moving on, hey ho! On the plus side I am working from home so: Music on, check. Coffee and hot cross buns available, check. Chances of being interrupted, nil 🙁 Chances of me procrastinating, high (very high).
In case anyone has any relevant stuff they want to share (or interest) here’s the gigs:
27th Jan in Sandhurst: Training. “Enagaging with young people and developing youth ministry”
29th Jan in Oxford: Lecture at Ruskin: “Relative Social Exclusion”
30th Jan in Clanfield: Day for Youth workers/ministers on “The Spirituality of young people”

Oh, the spirituality one: I wanted those coming to ask a couple of questions to their young people. If anyone else wanted to do this it would be brilliant and I’d love to hear some stories ….
1. What experiences have you had in your life that you felt were spiritual? (Please encourage them to be thinking in the widest possible range of contexts i.e not just ‘Church’)
2. If those Spiritual experiences felt like an encounter with God, did your experience differ in anyway to what you have been taught about God through Church or youth group?
(Actually You can probably phrase these better than I have! What I’m looking for are stories of Spiritual moments and any variance between God as taught and God as experienced. )