Splurgtastic Manic Monday

So it’s just another Manic Monday! (did I ever tell you I had a big time CRUSH on Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles at one time?) But Monday’s are good and probably less Manic than the weekend for many of us, here’s the splurge to make sure your Monday is a well informed one ………
The Church attendance figures are available and despite an overall decline there are some encouragements to be found such as in work with young people. I’m not sure that the figures for the number of “fresh expressions” is accurate as responses from Churches that I encountered recently could mainly be classified as (and this is still good) innovative outreach.
Social Networking sites will be sweating A LOT and also re-looking at access and security as MySpace have several law suits against them in the U.S of A.
Tax Issues for Youth Ministers may become a BIG issue in the next few months. Up until now the tax office have (largely) allowed Youth Ministers to be provided accommodation without it being a taxable benefit. This has been allowed on the basis as it’s for the ‘better performance of duty’ and in keeping with similar appointments (i.e vicars).
I have recently heard of a challenge made to this by a tax office on the basis that the Youth minister was neither a qualified youthworker or an ordained minister and hence not eligible for this type of housing provision. This could potentially affect a lot of workers and jobs. (If you’ve picked anything up on this let me know).
Some dates:
* Soul Survivor are taking the road to big up the HOPE 2008 initiative.
* Pete Rollins speaking at Bristol CYM on march 15th (I think I’ll be going). Download file
* Walk of Witness are organising a BIG march in London on March 24th to celebrate the end of slavery
And finally ….
I’ve just upgraded to an i-pad and am delighted at how intuitive the user interface is

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  1. I think the problem is being hyped – it does not represent any change in IR policy.
    I have came across one instance of this tax problem with a “housed” youthworker – the issue arises if:
    1. the tax is being dealt with in the geographical office rather than the specialist tax office for clergy, and ministers of religion which is based in Bradford
    2. the youth worker has not completed the additional pages for the above category in their tax return [or failed to make a tax return].
    3. Or the person is being paid the equivalent of a full stipend or JNC salary (with a deduction for the value of the housing), but the persons professional qualifications do not justify that salary scale.
    The first can be arranged with confirmation with the denomination – Diocese or circuit etc
    The second can be requested and completed by the individual.
    All full-time Church youth workers in this day and age should be professionally qualified.
    There should be no problem then – and there is a national churches liasion panel who could address any general issues that arise.

  2. Crispin, If i-pad 1.7 is still working for you then stick with it. 2:05 does give a moderately larger work area and quicker page change but the features are more or less identical. (it’s also worth noting that all input devices are still backwards compatible).

  3. That iPad is clearly a rip-off… firstly Apple would never clutter the design with those horriblly fussy lines on the input surface… no, a true iPad would be clean, sleek and white… as for that binding… far too busy and complex… and finally the “apple” logo in black??? surely it should be subtly embossed with a silk sheen surface on the matt white background… to say nothing of that IBM looking data input tool – YUCK – Jobs will be turning in his Ferrari… Did you by any chance buy this “iPad” from a market?

  4. In the light of your recent hardware failure, perhaps it makes sense to upgrade your occular interface with the latest iEye (known to users as the “captain”)?

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