National Occupational Standards for youth Work

targetsmall.jpgAt the Connect conference we had chance to be in dialogue with LLUK about the new Occupational Standards for Youth Work. As the group represented a BIG proportion of the training organisations in the UK it was a good chance to discuss a faith perspective on the DRAFT standards as presented.
The standards themselves have grown in number but become more flexible. The idea is that they are no longer aimed at a specific level but are the competencies that need to be evidenced at the level the learner is working at. It’s encouraging that they continue to be based on a Social Pedagogic approach to Youth work rather than becoming a welfare or ‘Youth as a problem’ type model.
We made a number of suggestions that included:
> Spiritual development should be present
>The importance of helping young people to engage with their communities needed to be explicit
> Fun and Well being should be more prominent
> We also asked for young people to be included in the consultation process

As part of the draft there is a (slightly) changed definition of youth work. This is only a working definition and open to Change. So what do you think? Remember this definition must cover the full gamut of youthwork ……..
“The purpose of youth work is to facilitate and support young people’s growth through dependence to interdependence, by encouraging their personal and social development and enabling them to have a voice and place in their communities and society”

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  1. glad you were there unfortunatly it was something I have had to watch fro a distance. It would be great to see spiritual as part of the definition, to give it the prominance you hint that is needed.

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