Mr Bruce Cockburn

bc.jpg Last night saw me venturing into the federal republic of Milton Keynes to catch a great concert by Mr Bruce Cockburn at the Stables (a great venue). Top top night, Bruce was on good form delivering a powerful combo of breathtakingly brilliant guitar and lyrics that stir the soul, whack the conscience and inspire the heart. Fab!
Cockburn’s lyrics have a deep spirituality to them, exploring themes of life, justice, wonder and exquisitely observed snapshots of different cultures and places. Someone once said that Cockburn was too radical for the christians and too christian for the radicals, this is a great description of the artistic path he walks. Last nights gig was a fine example of his ability to address issues and struggles with his work. Songs such as If a tree falls (the environment), This is Baghdad (self explanatory), Beautiful creatures (extinction) and Indian wars (the oppression of indigenous peoples) were poignant and powerful. He also played some great sing-along crowd pleasers like Wondering where the lions are and nothingbutaburninglight.gif All the Diamonds as well as elegantly show casing his newer work including a sublime rendition of Mystery off the new Album
Cockburn’s music and especially his lyrics have had a great deal of influence on me, and his music contributes massively to the soundtrack of my life. This may account for this blisteringly positive review OR it may just be that he is a truly remarkable musician and lyricist! (You’ll have to listen to him and decide, eh!)
There’s a great Cockburn page here

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