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My friend Stu P the Wasserbefestigungenmeister has been thoroughly assimilated into the I-pod collective and so I had fun listening to some of his 4739 stored tracks. This gave me the chance to catch “The Best of Wendy Craig” which is in fact a superb (and rare) album from the Goffle band, Fat and Frantic. I also heard a Divine Comedy album that I’ve not heard before, namely, “The Divine Comedy regeneration” which is fab. I was muchly struck by the lyrics to ‘Eye of the Needle’ ….
They say that you’ll hear him if you’re really listening
And pray for that feeling of grace
But that’s what I’m doing, why doesn’t he answer?
I’ve prayed ’til I’m blue in the face
The cars in the churchyard are shiny and German
Distinctly at odds with the theme of the sermon

And during communion I study the people
Threading themselves through the eye of the needle
I know that it’s wrong for the faithful to seek it
But sometimes I long for a sign, anything
Something to wake up the whole congregation
And finally make up my mind
The cars in the churchyard are shiny and German
Completely at odds with the theme of the sermon
And all through communion I stare at the people
Squeezing themselves through the eye of the needle

push_album_tn.gifI thought the ‘cars in the churchyard’ line was brilliant!
I’ve also got a new Album for FREE (bargain) as the promoter has sent me an Album called PUSH by Christine Evans to review! I really like it but will be writing something fuller on the subject soon!

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  1. Ooh, excellent! Always good to read some music related thoughts – good music never fails to inspire and uplift. Hope you had a wonderful Crimbo.

  2. Interesting that Neil Hannon (he of Divine Comedy who wrote quoted song) has a father who is a bishop. Mmm.

  3. By the way its now 10.13 with me not 09.13 so sort the clocks out !!!! (Or am I the one who is out of step with reality ?)

  4. Herr Wasserbefestigungenmeister,
    I’ve had a look at the time settings and the capacity for me screwing things up is HUGE so I’m using a chronological delay repair patch (ie when the clocks go forward at Easter it’ll be right again). Genius!

  5. Great lyrics – bit of an ouch factor. Reminds me of Tony Campolo and the BMW question at the last Matrix. OOOOOOOooooOOOH it’s nearly Matrix. Agent K and I are SO excited. Any ideas about anything happening at Matrix? Apart from you doing a session of course!!!

  6. Wasserbefestigungenmeister?
    Sounds like a cool job (especially if it’s translated by my extremely poor German as “Water anchoraging master”!)

  7. Sarah, it should be Gaszubehörmeister actually but as Ian only knew “Mein Hubschrauber voll der Aale” (My helicopter is full of eels) when I first knew him, he is getting closer !

  8. My apologies Herr Gaszubehörmeister,
    Even though my German has substantially improved the stuff you do is all Werkzeugmaschine to me! BTW I still haven’t had chance to use the Helicopter line in serious conversation 🙁
    Now go and do some work oh esteemed Gas Accessory Master

  9. Hi All,
    What was the question referenced by Sarah?
    “Reminds me of Tony Campolo and the BMW question at the last Matrix.”
    Just curious…

  10. Chris,
    re the BMW question:
    If I recall correctly, Tony was examining the question, Is it Ok for Christians to drive BMW’s (or the like)?
    Tony Campolo’s take on this was to explore the function and use of a car as well as the legal limits placed on their performance. BMW’s et al in his opinion so exceeded the requirments/legal capabilities of a car that they were clearly a “Status Symbol,” therefore more than a car needed to be. His view being that Christians were not in the business of status symbols and reckless overindulging.
    I hope that’s an accuate recall (I’m sure Doc Sarah will correct me if not)

  11. Hi Ian,
    I’m off to consider alternive theistic outlets for my emotional well-being with a reflective sense of attrition (imperfect contrition).
    Yours in reckless overindulging,

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