A bit of a Splurge

Welcome again to the … *drum roll* …. WORLD of YOUTH MINISTRY!
All that’s hot and lots that not as I peer out from Blogdonia.
Importantly, it’s just come to my attention that Dr Rowan Williams came third in the annual Beard of the Year award, this is a great recognition of the growing street cred of the Anglican Church *Yay* 😉
* The KIRCHENTAG (literally ‘church day’ and in fact held over several days) is happening again in 2007, with an international youth camp leading up to it. The event which is an ecumenical Christian gathering on a mahoosive scale is held from June 6-10th in Germany.
* Oasis Frontline teams are looking exciting and they are recruiting 18-25’s ready for September.
* Ultimate events want me to plug Alton Towers 07. May 5th, Loud, scary and fun 🙂
* Romance Academy have a training day in London on 10th Feb.

In the Oxford Diocese:
Next Network meeting for employed youthworker is Jan 30th. Vertigo is Feb 3rd. Training on “dealing with difficult behaviour” in Oxford, April 21st. Yellow Braces is July 6th-8th.
(I’m sending out a Diocesan mailing in early Feb if anyone wants an event plugged)
In other news: You may remember how complicated it proved to order stuff from Gopak, well I’ve now had a red unpaid invoice from them, Grrrrr. As they split the order into two different departments it meant two orders and they forgot to apply my credit card to both and NOW moan I haven’t paid! Circumstances are turning me into Victor Meldrew!
And finally: The mime group play basketball ….
basket ball meeting2.jpg