It’s kind of what we do

“I like deadlines
I love the wooshing sound they make as they whizz past”

I’m quoting from memory there so it may not be the exact wording BUT the sentiments are right. Just heard that I need to hand in my half of the ‘Tweenagers’ manuscript on Thursday (gulp). I did consider growing a beard and attempting to leave the country, but then I remembered I have a beard plus GROVE would probably hunt me down whichever country I was in. My life mantra now is “Writing a blog is good, writing a (even half of a) book is BAD”
I spent some time today at the ROOT 66 training day which was a good Biblical reminder of some underlining principles of Youthwork in/through the Church. As ever I enjoyed the lunch time networking/nattering, especially as it was quite a good turn out considering how late the publicity was. If you are going to the Sheffield incarnation of the day tomorrow, hope you have a valuable time.
Next week I’m at the CONNECT conference where all sorts of bods who deliver Youth Work Training get together, please let me know if there’s issues or thoughts you’d like discussed in that forum!
stormbreaker.jpgI watched “Stormbreaker” at the weekend with my eldest boy. It was terrible and brilliant simultaneously, I liked it 🙂 Favourite lines had to be when Bill Nighy (playing Alan Blunt, the head of MI6) says,
“We don’t trust him!”
“Why?” asks Alex Rider
“Well, we don’t trust anyone ….. it’s kind of what we do!”

All of which reinforces a chat I had with a youth worker over lunch today, it’s very difficult to watch a film without mentally noting clips that would make good illustrations or discussion starters!

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  1. Hey back to Ellie!
    I liked Stormbreaker too even though it was a bit lame! Bill Nighy was fabulous and Jimmy Carter was unnervingly not very “Jimmy Carter” funny.
    I too watch out for lines but then we do actually watcj films with the young people regularly so I’m often on the look out for a good film to use then later discuss (that IS a defence right??)

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