Hear ye, hear ye

Happy New Year!
usb slippers.jpg Its time to post the plethora of stuff that has landed on my desk before it utilises it’s one way ticket to bin city. So sit comfortably, plug in your USB Slippers (no really) and peruse the splurge below ……..
The Root 66 event is in Oxford on Monday (8th) & Sheffield (9th)
Shaping the dreams of this generation One day conference by Crusaders Hitchin 27th Jan
Crucial – the Bible centred youth worker Conference 22-25 Jan
For theirs is the Kingdom Training day in St Albans Diocese 10th March
Young Leaders Conference organised by St Andrews Chorley Wood 15/17 Feb or 22/24 Feb
VERTIGO “Mission in MInd” at OCC Oxford 3rd Feb
24hr Famine weekend 9-11th Feb
Residentials and Holidays
Soul Survivor 2007 “Into his likeness” 13-17/18-22 Aug
Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage “Open to the Power of the Spirit” 6-10 Aug
CYFA, SU and Crusader (I mean Urban Saints) holiday brochures are available
And finally …..
If you are concerned that the your petrol strimmer (weed wacker) is seizing up over the winter through lack of use, here’s a handy way to give it a work out (and prevent your local ER department being closed through lack of use)
strim power.jpg

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  1. I like this idea for the strimmer, just one question, can you tell me where I can get and extension lead long enough to get me to the office as my strimmer is electric!

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