Good afternoon bishop

Normally I have a casual approach to what I wear for work! I’m usually outfitted in a hoody and jeans combo which I think is fairly authentic for a Youth Adviser. I have pointed out to my boss that there is no ‘dress code’ in the Church House staff handbook but in fact, apart from me, only one of the dwellers in the I.T cave also does ‘Skateboard casual’ as work apparel. Today however I wore my black suit and a rather sharp black shirt, mainly because all my jeans were in the wash it’s fair to say, but I did look smart.
What a great day then to bump into the new Bishop in the hall way and enjoy a great chat! Synchronisity or what? Although it will cause some confusion when in discussions he refers to the Youth Adviser, “you know, that smartly dressed fellow!”

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  1. well they do help, unfortunately the dread era is coming to an end… im cutting them off sometime in the next couple of weeks, hopefully generating a large-ish amount of money in the process!!

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