Christine Evans rocks!

It’s not often a music promoter gets in touch with me, actually come to think of it, this is a first!
Electric Artists in New York asked if I’d listen to and review the album, ‘PUSH’ by Christine Evans. This is not the usual Youthblog fodder (if the word ‘usual’ can be linked to Youthblog posts) but as Christine is only 16, it definitely sits well with the blog being an advocate for young people and recognizing their achievements.
PUSH by Christine Evans
Warner Music, Canada
evans.gifI love this album. Musically it’s pop with an evocative edge, Christine writes her own songs and the lyrics are thoughtful and well crafted exploring themes such as relationships, hope, self and pain. The songs have a great awareness to them and pull off the difficult trick of exploring existential angst but always maintaining strength and hope within the song. Maybe this flows from Christine’s faith? It’s not a Christian album in the narrow sense, it definitely has a spirituality though, and in my mind a redemptive and prayerful quality that underpins and flows through the tracks.
“Are you out there?
or is it only me?
In the darkness
Oh, I long to see
Seeking courage to voice what I believe
I am learning my imperfections are part of me
So turn on the light so all can see
’cause we all know pain and we all know grief
So show me the way …..”

Christine has a great voice and I really like her delivery, sound wise she’s kind of Alanis Morissette but more ethereal, perhaps a small sprinkling of Avril Lavigne but all with her own distinctive edge. There’s a wonderful energy in her singing and a depth too, It’s great to listen to.
I’ve listened to this album about a dozen times now and really like it. If she ever gets to Greenbelt I’ll definitely be queuing for a chance to see her play a live set.
I’ve embedded a video below or check out the web site. Oh and as I’ve got a spare copy of the CD, leave a comment naming the last song that you listened to on radio, MP3 or CD (cos’ I’m nosey) and I’ll randomly send ‘PUSH’ to one UK commenter.

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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo
    I was listening to a john peel session of Led zepplain – whole lotta love
    Does this qualify for a free CD?

  2. Does “intelligent speech” count for us Radio4-ites?
    If yes, then it was “Woman’s Hour” on the way to work (I know know the difference between IVF and IVM…)

  3. The draw will be random and does not depend on how hip or how radio 4 your listening is. It’s just I thought it’d be fun to find out whats on your stereos!

  4. I’m listening to my itunes library on random which has just led to a sequence of songs that I’m not sure any self-respecting DJ would use but was most amusing. Went like this
    Amy Winehouse – Rehab
    Soul Survivor live 2006 – Love came down
    MC Hammer – U can’t touch this
    Matt Redman – Facedown
    Weird but kinda cool …

  5. Hi
    I have just downloaded (totally legal) the latest ghp mix:
    It’s a 55min mix of the club stuff.
    Mark Vidler says:
    “So you’ll get thumping electro/breaks/beats/arse-probing basslines/wobbly synths and familiar tunes twisted with a mouthful of lemon.
    Try tasting it…”
    Club tastic…
    do i get the free cd?
    DJ Miz

  6. At the time i first read this post i was listening to Radio 2 (as i do most of the time)ad they were playing Vogue by Madonna. i tried to comment then but your web server went down and i couldn’t do anything so i hope i’m not to late to be entered into the hat!

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