2007 begineth

hapnewye.jpgHere’s wishing you a very happy New Year, a 2007 that’s a faith fuelled adventure where we live deeply from the centre of our lives; open to God, the people we encounter and the situtations and opportunities that arrive. Bring it on!
Last year I flagged up a Smorgasbord of New Year challenges for Youth Ministers and reckon they are worth lisiting again to challenge myself and anyone else that might find them useful (Hey the BBC run repeats and you have to pay for that service!!!!). The check list of intentional action in two colours (ooh) is below (drum roll)

I will start organizing the Residential earlier
I will stop and ask why?
I will put aside time to pray for the young people
I will stop eating the tuck when setting up for youth group
I will spend some time with the teenager whose behaviour has been winding me up
I will ask for a proper budget
I will review
I will plan how I can involve young people in leadership
I will seek opportunities to learn
I will listen more
I will tell the church warden it was me that broke the window
I will build in some professional development this year
Time with God will become a priority and a neccessity
I will invest in relationships with parents and members of the congregation
I will develop an actual admin system (catch glimpses of the surface of my desk)
I will try and eat less ‘Big Macs’
I will look at the calender for the year and book some time off in advance
I will make a point of meeting up with a less experienced youth minister
I will make a point of meeting up with a more experienced youth minister
I will read some of the books I keep buying but don’t actually read
I will not skateboard in Church when anybody else is around

In addition, I was really impressed with this resolute list from Brian Proffit!

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  1. I love this and it resonates in almost its entirety (except the big mac thing as I’m a vegetarian) with me as a youth minister as I stand perched looking in to this year, slightly daunted by the prospect ahead. In fact it has actually spurred me to action, because the thing about these lists is that they don’t just happen, you have to make them happen. So I’ve started something … watch this space for more!

  2. talking of residentials… I have to admit that I have no idea whether I’ll make it to YB or not coz I don’t know when I’ll be in Sweden. Decided to take a break from camp this summer regardless but will be at YB if I’m in the country.
    It’s nice to be back online… even if I am meant to be doing coursework!

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