Hail the incarnate Deity

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Merry Christmas to everyone who has been in some way part of the Youthblog collective in 2007, your company, comments, interest and shared laughter have been a great blessing. I wish you a mellow Christmas that’s alive with all the magic, mystery, depth, fun and love that God amongst us in Christ means. I’m now off the air until Jan 2nd and the unfolding adventure of 2008, whatever that turns out to be.
Shalom 🙂

"Veiled in flesh the Godhead see
Hail the incarnate Deity
Pleased as man with man to dwell
Jesus, our Emmanuel
Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"

Barenaked for the holidays

bhfth.jpgI am listening to SUCH a great Christmas Album at the moment. Having been a fan of The Barenaked Ladies for a few years, I’d really really wanted a copy of Barenaked for the Holidays but had not been able to find a copy in the UK. Yesterday though I downloaded it ($9.99) and am loving the live, musically brilliant party that combines the sublime and the ridiculous. VERY VERY COOL (and great fun) especially their version of “God rest ye ….” with sarah mclachlan as a guest vocalist. (You can listen to some previews on this site)
For a wonderfully eclectic art slideshow to accompany the music, check out Christianity today, a series of pieces that happily draws together artists as diverse (but equally talented) as Giotto di Bondone and Dave Walker, fab!

Jesus Junk

I had an e-mail from Dean who reckon’d I’d not properly done justice to Christmas Jesus Junk since 2005. As Marko is doing such a great job of collating the REALLY bad nativity scenes that I thought I’d stay out of it this year. However I am enjoying Dean’s 12 day’s of Christmas Junk so I’ll flag that up!
I think the other reason that I’ve stayed out of it is having dicovered this pic in 2005, I’m frightened to look in case worse is out there. *shudder*
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Sing-along Christmas card list

Amy Dreemin
Arthur White
Chris Moss.
Jess Lykedee
Juan Swee
Hugh Sterno
Wendy Treetops-Glisten
Ann Deach
Hilda wren
Liz Tenn
‘Two-Ears’ Laybelle
Cindy Snow
christmas_tree_presents_lg_clr.gifEmma Drieming
Uffa Wyte
Chris Muss-witt
Eva Ree
Kris Mascar
Dai Wright.
Mayor Daseby
Mary-Ann Bright
Anna-May Hall
Yorky Riss
Mrs B White