Youthblog has a new boss

The new Bish’ announcement has finally happened, it’s *drum roll* John Pritchard who is currently in Durham Diocese.
It was late last night when I heard that today was ‘ D’ day (I would have put ‘B’ day but that sounded all wrong!) and that there would be a ‘meet n greet’ straight after the announcement this morning. Unfortunately I’m on leave and couldn’t get to Oxford but I look forward to meeting the New Bishop soon. More details here. He is around and about the Diocese today AND is having tea at Sarah’s church so I’m hoping she’ll have chance to tell him good things about the Diocesan Youth Adviser 😉
Bish John.jpg
I’d also like to register my thanks to the youth leaders and especially the young people who took part in the consultation process.

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  1. Looking at his bio, I’m please to see that he was Diocesan Youth Officer for Bath and Wells Diocese back in the late seventies. Hopefully that bodes well for a positive attitude towards the youth of the diocese.

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