The World of Youth Ministry again

In a packed programme today we’ll be asking searching questions like,
Are the gifts of youth ministry and Administration mutually exclusive?
Why can you never see the floor in Youth Workers cars because of all the resources, debris and McDonalds wrappers?
Why do Parents buy teachers presents but not buy them for youth workers?

But first a round-up of the news. Perspectives Journal is out, This is the summer 2006 edition (Perspectives does not exegete chronology literally) entitled “Hope from the Margins,” I recommend getting a copy and especially reading the pithy reveiw of Contemplative Youth Ministry 😉 January 2007 edition of Youthwork magazine is out (more accurate chronology altough I feel legalistically bound to not read it until next year) and if you don’t subscribe then you should skateboard down to the ‘Mustard Seed’ (for this is what 87% of Christian book shops are called) and pick up your copy!
Regular readers of Youthblog (Mrs Trellis of North Wales etc) will know about my attempts to buy a Camcorder. I have now purchased a funky little Sony Handycam that is very proud of the fact that is has a Carl Zeiss lens. I’m all set to get to grips with editting, YouTube etc BUT discovered yesterday that the reason that my laptop has started responding only in Geological time is that the hard disk is FULL, this may make using the video files more tricky!
Professional Development: Please send in your MATRIX forms, it’s only 3 months away. Oxford bods please sign up for the Network day on the 30th (well done Simo). Also I hope to see some of you at the Root 66 day in Oxford on January 8th.
(I have a list of all the training days run by the Statutory Youth sector in Oxfordshire if you are looking for some specific ‘issues’ training)
And finally: The remaining candidates for the much sought after “Father Christmas” position are tested on the simulator for their ability to handle stress for when the Reindeer pull off high G aerobatic manouvres
sled trainingweb.jpg

4 Replies to “The World of Youth Ministry again”

  1. WOuld you believe I’ve just recieved my complimentary copy of the ‘Spring 2006’ edition “whose calling?” for which I’ve penned a little piece (well I did a while back!)… so does this mean the summer edition came out before the spring one 😉 I think it may be wise for the editorial team to drop the dates from the cover!
    re the video cam… you will need an external hard disk if you are going to store vid clips digitally… get the biggest one you can, I have two 80gigs one full one almost full!)

  2. You might also find that your laptop hard drive will be a bit slow – disk RPM speeds start becoming pretty important when you’re working with video. If you’ve got a firewire or USB 2.0 port Mark is right that you’ll be better off with an external drive for the video – forget it if you’ve only got USB 1.1 though, as it will be too slow.
    I’ve used these guys ( from Wokingham before, and they are pretty good. They put together the drives in external enclosures themselves, and only use the fastest 7200rpm drives for their 3.5″ models.

  3. I still need to renew my subscription – the haphazard nature of the issue of Perspective means I forget it more often and I’m never entirely sure if my subscription expired before the summer one as I’m sure it was valid IN the summer but may not be now!
    Simo is officially teacher’s pet. I lost my form, sir, can I have another one?!

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