Learn some tricks on Root 66

root66.jpgRoot 66 are running some training in Oxford and Sheffield on Jan 8th and 9th on Youth Ministry. A good start to the New Year methinks.
It’s tagged as:

“Four Youth Ministers from around the world share how to get the most out of a youth ministy that seeks to be centred on Jesus, grounded in scripture and relationally strong”

I reckon I’ll pedal over to the Oxford one, see you there?
Visit the web site to download flyers and the like.

Environmental agents

This video is great, it’s a bunch of teenagers being a subversive force for good and a role model for adults. I think it really captures the energy and creativity that teenagers have and live. It is also a pointed reminder of the fact that the societal assumption on seeing a group of teenagers is that they are up to no good, Fab stuff!

Thanks to Lewis the Weird Hippy where I found this!

Woolhopian Rant

I was at Woolhope Cockshoot over the weekend, this is the residential centre that I am one of the trustees of. The place is a small self-catering and very funky cottage in the middle of nowehere. It’s dirt cheap to use and is a popular venue for a goodly number of groups from around the country.
As a centre we have to rely on groups cleaning the place when they leave in order that its pleasant for the next group to arrive to. One of the things that unsettles me a little is Youth Leaders that work on the basis of ‘what is the minimum tidying and cleaning we can get away with?’ and I’m not sure what this models to the young people from those groups. On arriving this weekend though I discovered that the previous group had gone to little or more probably, no effort at all, Woolhope was a right state.
woolhope fireplac.jpgIt’s quite sad when groups don’t look after the place, what I found is that all the groups I’ve ever taken there have got a real kick out of leaving it in tip-top condition, we’ve had fun with young people and leaders working together to give something back to the place that has provided us with such a memorable weekend. To me it’s basic Christianity in action, be a blessing to the people, places and situations that you encounter.
I should add that the majority of Woolhopians are very consciencious, but as a result of the group that left the place in such a poor way, we need to look at issuing much more specific cleaning instructions and maybe some sort of contract. Some help please ….
If you were going to use a residential centre, what tidying instructions would be helpful and what would wind you up? Should they be on the wall or should they be sent to you in advance? How can we be prescriptive enough without appearing naggy or overbearing?

Youthblog has a new boss

The new Bish’ announcement has finally happened, it’s *drum roll* John Pritchard who is currently in Durham Diocese.
It was late last night when I heard that today was ‘ D’ day (I would have put ‘B’ day but that sounded all wrong!) and that there would be a ‘meet n greet’ straight after the announcement this morning. Unfortunately I’m on leave and couldn’t get to Oxford but I look forward to meeting the New Bishop soon. More details here. He is around and about the Diocese today AND is having tea at Sarah’s church so I’m hoping she’ll have chance to tell him good things about the Diocesan Youth Adviser 😉
Bish John.jpg
I’d also like to register my thanks to the youth leaders and especially the young people who took part in the consultation process.

Bloggy Stuff

ie7.jpg The i.e7 update has just reached my little corner of the web and it looks good. Having read loads of fellow bloggers saying that their banner now looked wonky (technical term) I was muchly relieved to find that my banner had not been monkeyed with (humour intended) at all. So Youthblog continues to look, well, Youthbloggy and people are still calling in to read it (or doing something very clever with the little orange box and getting it to come to them).
Looking at the Technorati stats I have discovered there are 49,000 bloggers in the world who are more interesting than me (boo) but then thats in relation to 55,000 000 bloggers (hurray) so I guess I can still hold my head up if I get invited to a dinner party 🙂 …… A thought occurs though, maybe bloggers blog because we don’t get invited to dinner parties!
I also note that Chris is overtaking me in terms of UK’s most prolific Youth Ministry blogger! I’d like to extend my congratulations …… oh AND challenge him to a html duel !
I’m away for the weekend but next week have some bloggy thoughts to air on Tweenagers, advent, Christmas and consumerism. I also hope that the run up to Christmas will provide a rich vein of humour to tap into.
Groovy Advent wishes (all appearing via the new Clear Type of i.e7) and hope that the round of Youth group parties, Advent services et al are coming together well.

You can judge a book by its cover

A friend of mine (whose secret blogging identity I ought to protect) has started blogging from time to time as Admiral Dick at Home-Port. He works in a bookshop and has posted reveiws of books based soley on their covers which I think is genius, and makes me laugh.
Well worth a read and it may encourage him to post a bit more often. I also half-inched the picture below from his site!

How hard can it be?

handpe.jpgI’m not even trying to write a whole book, just half of one (and a very small one at that) but it’s really difficult, I can’t believe that people do this for a living! I’ve got certain parts of the process nailed i.e Having a coffee, laying out pens and books, making another coffee, sitting at the computer thoughtfully for a while before going to get another coffee. It’s just the ACTUAL writing bit that’s proving tricky. I can churn out Blog posts faster than the West Cornwall Pasty Co. turns out pasties, but Chapters of books, NO!
The book(let) is on Tweenagers, a subject which I’ve read extensively on and trained youth and Childrens workers in, SO I’ve just got to write some of that stuff down, I’ll go and do and that then. (Just going to grab a coffee first).

Just picked up the authoring equivalent of a “Get out of Jail free card” ….. The editorial meeting tomorrow that was looming over me like the Sword of Damocles has been postopned. Yes, yes yes! Hurrah 🙂