Learn some tricks on Root 66

root66.jpgRoot 66 are running some training in Oxford and Sheffield on Jan 8th and 9th on Youth Ministry. A good start to the New Year methinks.
It’s tagged as:

“Four Youth Ministers from around the world share how to get the most out of a youth ministy that seeks to be centred on Jesus, grounded in scripture and relationally strong”

I reckon I’ll pedal over to the Oxford one, see you there?
Visit the web site to download flyers and the like.

2 Replies to “Learn some tricks on Root 66”

  1. Root 66 (if I understand correctly) is a UK Training network that links to or comes out of ‘Keswick’. I think Dave Fenton is the main bod. St Andrews in Oxford have been involved with them for 18 months and rate them highly.
    Only downer as far as I can see is that they tend to be a bit late on publicity!

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