I’m making a list (and checking it twice)

Wooaaaa, it’s Christmas eve eve eve eve already and it’s my last day at work, I’ve got quite a lot of stuff to do but it seems to be a ‘silly’ day in the office due to an impending Christmas coffee and cake break, there’s also our Carol Service and lunch ….. a definite ‘end of term’ feeling.
Sprout game.jpg If you want to virtually join in with that ‘last day’ vibe then I highly recommend this brilliant Sprout Game that GimD flagged up, highly adictive and visually great fun.
Also amusing me is this language translator that Pinklady linked to. It translates the stuff you write into Tween Type. Genius!
I have a new laptop (yay) as our lovely I.T department have agreed that the old one was juddering to a standstill, this is fab stuff but means loadsa transferring files, WEP codes and other such gumpf. One gig of RAM though and a Dual core processor so it really hauls, oh yes!
Here is a picture of MLD in progress (Multiple Laptop disorder)

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  1. I’ve got a new 64-bit dual core wonder to look forward to when I go back to work after Christmas too… Having said that, shouldn’t be quite so much copying, as I believe the theory is that I’ll keep the lightweight stuff like e-mail and word processing on the old laptop, and keep the new machine relatively clear. That’s the theory at least…

  2. Richard,
    Good to hear you are joining the lighting fast dual-core binary crunching club 🙂
    I am having to manually transfer thee files as the Sync system is referring to recognize anything before August? I thought computers could ONLY be logical!!!!!!
    Hey, the Village Christmas concert looked like it was a blast. I think it’s a thing that other churches should look at, fab! Have a Cool Yule 🙂

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