Christmas is all around me

cal snowman.jpg Finally starting to feel a bit Christmassy! The Children and I un-earthed our Christmas decorations and transformed the lounge at home, we also went to a ‘family Carol service’ at out church that involved so many different age groups from the church including an entire teenage percussion collective. Cool!
I’m a bit of an incurable romantic when it comes to Christmas though and I feel all out of sorts if the weather is (as it is) cold and wet, not frosty and crisp. In fact one of the most disconcerting experences I know* is walking out of Midnight Communion on Christmas eve and discovering that there is no snow on the ground (to me this breaks all sorts of laws of the universe). The bookies though are saying the odds of a White Christmas are the longest for 20 years!
Having declared the importance of Christmas being celebrated in a crisp temperature, there is a certain irony in the fact that the heating has broken down here at Church House today! I’ve dug out my hat from my cycling kit and borrowed a left-behind cardigan from a secretary who is not here today! F-e-eeee-l-ing Ch-r-i-stmasssss-y Brrrrrr though!
* For the record the other discorncerting experiences that spring to mind are:
Thinking (incorrectly) there’s still one more stairs step to go and your leg crumpling slightly as it hits the floor.
Coming out of the cinema and discovering that it’s still light.