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ie7.jpg The i.e7 update has just reached my little corner of the web and it looks good. Having read loads of fellow bloggers saying that their banner now looked wonky (technical term) I was muchly relieved to find that my banner had not been monkeyed with (humour intended) at all. So Youthblog continues to look, well, Youthbloggy and people are still calling in to read it (or doing something very clever with the little orange box and getting it to come to them).
Looking at the Technorati stats I have discovered there are 49,000 bloggers in the world who are more interesting than me (boo) but then thats in relation to 55,000 000 bloggers (hurray) so I guess I can still hold my head up if I get invited to a dinner party 🙂 …… A thought occurs though, maybe bloggers blog because we don’t get invited to dinner parties!
I also note that Chris is overtaking me in terms of UK’s most prolific Youth Ministry blogger! I’d like to extend my congratulations …… oh AND challenge him to a html duel !
I’m away for the weekend but next week have some bloggy thoughts to air on Tweenagers, advent, Christmas and consumerism. I also hope that the run up to Christmas will provide a rich vein of humour to tap into.
Groovy Advent wishes (all appearing via the new Clear Type of i.e7) and hope that the round of Youth group parties, Advent services et al are coming together well.

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  1. You can actually enable ClearType for the whole of Windows XP.
    Microsoft have a useful little ClearType tuning tool available from here that should get you nice looking clear type text all over the place.

  2. Lets face it…anyone who thinks their shed going up with a highspot of their blog isn’t going to get invited to that many parties of any sort…maybe that is why you know so much of this techno stuff?
    Youth workers and their shed’s – i can feel a research paper coming on now

  3. Hey I’m not a PC user (macs rule), but I can tell you this, you should be using mozilla as your web browser.. IE sux no matter how new the update is, mozilla is way better has has way cooler features, check it out, just google mozilla

  4. Thanks for the tips everyone, much appreciated. I generally use Firefox but need to know what the BillGatesians are seeing when they log on.
    Dave, good point about the sheds …. still no sign of a dinner party invite but I did do some cooking for friends at the weekend.

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