Ah yes, I can explain

I’m just on the way to meet with my fellow ‘Tweenagers’ author and working out which of these two time honoured excuses to deploy. I’m quite keen on ‘The dog ate it’ for its elegant simplicity but the, ‘I left it on the bus’ approach could be the one to go for. (The complete absense of buses and dogs in my life is a downer for the credibility of both I admit). Anyway it’s time to face the music and admit that although Chapter 1 is in the bag, chapters 2 and 3 lack substance 🙁
Someone once said about Douglas Adams that he was more in love with being a writer than actually writing. I can relate to this. If I ever mention trying to write a book (or part thereof) again PLEASE beat me with discarded copies of Mission Praise 3 until I see sense!

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  1. Douglas Adams also used to get booked into a hotel and locked in his room with no communication with the outside world often for more than a week until he had finished a book, although I think it was usually a little further past his deadline but not a lot, so I reckon you’ve got until Saturday, otherwise your going to be locked up in a small B&B until you’ve finished! No pressure!

  2. I was wondering what to do with my old copies of mission praise!!
    Nice to know other people have the same writing problem – maybe we should set up and exchange thing – writing the chapters and essays for pople that we fancy doing and dumping the ones we promised to do but can’t get round to??
    Any swaps for of an essay on the religious background of The Faerie Queene?

  3. I’ll swap you for “Echoes of liberation theology in 1950’s fuzzy felt presented Biblical meta-narrative”
    Actually I just made that title up 😉

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