Advent splurging

Welcome to the round up of the useful, the useless, the stuff that amuses me and anything else that needs filing under ‘B’ for blog.
Roy flagged up the contest we had in 2004 to find THE tackiest Nativity scene IN THE WORLD and I hope that if you do find any advent timer.jpgofferings that should be named and shamed (then pushed off the mantlepiece) you’ll post them on your blog or send them to here. My ‘favourite’ so far is the nativity timer I found on the Twelve Days of Kitchmass
On the cooler side of Christmas though, check out Dave’s FREE Calender that you can download over at Cartoon Church. I’d also like to promote Buy nothing Christmas again and there resources for living counter to the commercialised consumptive orgy that Christmas is according to Advertisers!
If you are looking for a graphic that will fit with an Advent talk then I thought this photo by Ben bell was great, there’s a bigger/better copy on his site