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This post is the equivelant of the vicar saying, “Before you go, there are a few things I’d like to bring to your attention!” On that basis you have a note excusing you from reading this particular entry.
I’m looking forward to being at Youthwork the Conference on Saturday and especially to having a coffee with Lewis the Hippy and Random Chris (I’ll e-mail you) and anyone else who’s around. I’m really interested in some discussion about Confirmation, Spirituality and Contemplative Youth Ministry, I promise not not talk about how the conference compares with Brainstormers 1992 at Brean Sands 🙂
thums up.jpgBoth my regular readers will know the saga of me not going to Spring Harvest but being there(ish). Due to the ski trip I’ve had to change the week I won’t be at Spring harvest to the week after. So I’ll no longer not be at Spring Harvest for the week leading up to Easter, I will now not be there the week after 🙂
Other notices. The next Network meeting for Full Timers in the Diocese of Oxford will be on Jan 30th at Clanfield (info in the post). Training opportunity on November 28th that I’ll be going to in St Albans Diocese. It’s called “Mission Shaped Youth” and has the tagline, “A challenge to Beige Theology” Let me know if you are interested.
combibos banner.jpgI mentioned a couple of weeks back that I had a new favourite coffee shop called COMBIBOS (on gloucester Green) but that the wi-fi wasn’t great. The wifi is now AOK and if you are meeting me in Oxford, this is where I will be 🙂
I’ve had an encouraging few days: Really good welcome and engagement from a Deanery Synod last night, some good discussion with a couple of youth workers over the weekend AND had great fun running a session/dialogue on “The Bible and Sex” at a youth group on Friday night. I like my job 🙂
And finally …………
There’s absolutely no reason to post this photo but it cracked me up! Feel free to add a caption or even some sort of explanation!!!!!!!
synchronised horror.jpg

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  1. Stood by the side of the pool, the youthworker was oblivious to the fact that his trunks had fallen down…the swimmers, however, had noticed!

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