West Cornwall Pasty Company

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with youth work, the only connection I can make is that a vexed question arose for one youth worker (me) while eating a Pasty! The question being, how many tasty Pasties a day can a professional Pasty maker make?
west pasty.jpgSome context: A fast food phenomena that is sweeping the UK is The West Cornwall Pasty Company, they have branches springing up overnight (it seems) everywhere. We have one in Newbury and one in Oxford, it’s fair to say they are purveyors of VERY fine Pasties indeed. Anyway, munching on my Pasty yesterday I noted that the bag bore the proud tag line, “Traditional Pasty’s, Handmade in Cornwall!” Hence the question?

(I think I’ve worked out an answer. They sell over 6 million Pasties a year with a workforce of 400. I reckon that three quarters or these must be employed at branch level, management and distribution leaving about 100 people to produce 60, 000 Pasties a year each!)

Why does my mind get pre-occupied with obscure questions? (or is this an obscure question?)

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  1. i think you WAY over analysed that whole thing. however i have a question; aussies pronounce pastie with a long ahhh sound instead of the quick astie sound the english use. and i forgot the question, but also noticed we spell it differently too… o well, we’ll go with this question: what’s the difference between a duck?

  2. Pastie was a hard ‘a’ …… definitely!
    and as for the duck question, ‘One of its legs is both the same’is the definitive answer supplied by the Puffin book of Jokes 🙂

  3. We’ve got one in Hereford as well and I’ve wondered how it can be a cornwall thing, made in corwall when hereford is quite a way from there – do they ship them up?

  4. Hereford too eh, yep they’re shipped (frozen I guess).
    Welcome back btw.
    Oh, Did you know that I’m a trustee of a resi’ centre about 7 miles from hereford? Groups often ask if there is a Youth friendly church they could visit on the Sunday, would yours fit that description?

  5. I had sort of picked it up – is it at woolhope? Think we’ve had one or two groups come our way on a Sunday from out that way. I hope we’re a ‘youth friendly church’ … yeh I’m sure we are 😉 throw people our way happily. Variety is the spice of life n all

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