Voice of the Nova

I’m in the middle of rural Herefordshire at the residential centre that I’m one of the trustees of. Normally I’d be here with a group but tonight it’s just me as I’m expecting a delivery of furniture in the morning to kit out the refurb’d Dining room. I’m really enjoying some space to pray, think and read. What is absolutely awesome though is that it’s a crisp, cold, cloud free evening and the view of the stars out here is AWESOME. You can see so many individual stars and entire clusters, FAB!
Found myself singing the Cockburn song, ‘Lord of the Starfields’
‘Lord of the starfields
ancient of days
Universe maker
here’s a song in your praise
Voice of the nova
smile of the dew
all of our yearning
only comes home to you’
(Of course the other great thing about being here on my own is that no-one gives me grief about my misunderstood singing style)
*You can listen to a clip of the song here

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  1. a canadian girl gave me a cockburn cd a while back, never really listened to it for some reason, mite pull it out and see if hes any good…

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