The Kevine Epistles

In one sense I’ve been blogging since 1992. Now I know that this pre-dates blogs (in fact in pre dates me even having a computer) but since then I’ve been exchanging letters with my good friend Kevin the Canadian (now known as Kevin the Patriach) and they are so similar to my blog stylee that they seem to be a series of “posts” that were ahead of the neccessary technology. I’ve just had a letter from him that took him eight months to write (due to Patriarchal responsibilities) and tonight I added it to the HUGE file I have that’s labelled the ‘Kevine Epistles!’ Flicking through the file on a whim I came across the novel that we were co-authoring and thought I’d put it on the blog in case a Publisher wants to give us huge amounts of money to finish it. (I think it’s much more original and bankable than the OJ SImpson, “How I would have done it” book, thats featured in the news recently). Anyway, can I stress that it’s copyright (just like proper Authors 😉 BUT here’s the Ironically cliched opening:

 “He was a dark and stormy knight.
He was the best at times, he was the worst at times.
Never without his faithful horse, “Thyme” his path was strewn with adventure and danger.
Once upon Thyme he came across a deserted castle. It had been deserted for a long time; sand was blowing in great drifts through the hallway, and a camel wandered disconsolately through the throne room.
The knight wondered who had lived there as he tried to dismount Thyme. But it was the end of the day, he was tired and the knight fell”

Lunacy or genius? (second thoughts, don’t answer that!)
Anyway, this has nothing to do with youthwork but the previous post is a jolly useful prompt about Fire Risk Assements so you could read that. (Oh ….. and Kevin, only you could spend eight months crafting a letter to me in which your new home featured so prominently but fail to actually give me the address so I could reply!)

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  1. Well its good to hear that Kevin is well and still in touch with you. I think i remember hearing that opening before…does it actually go any further? I love its lunacy, it makes me smile and that is always a good thing. Would love to hear more.

  2. You know the feeling when folk are all telling you what a wonderful idea you’ve had, and wouldn’t it be just great if you went away an worked on it…. and sometimes they mean a long way….
    As a spoof it may well work, but there’s a lot of comptetition out there in that corner of the market… Or of course, you could clean it up and present a slightly more polished version….

  3. Michael,
    I was so far from being serious with this post that I couldn’t even send a postcard to reality from where it’s located 😉
    Ta for the advice though and I’m fascinated by the idea there could be a polished version.

  4. Well, I am impressed, Ian, that there may be a readership out there for our handiwork. It could be the greatest Anglo-Canadian collaboration since getting all of Europe to wear hats made of beaver pelts.
    I am deeply honoured to have have been immortalized on your blog. Of course, once again I have taken so long to comment that it’s unlikely anyone will read it..

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