The Church you know

Brian from Rethinking Youth Ministry flagged up The Church You know. It’s a great site that in it’s own words:
“We love Jesus, and His Body. This love compels us to question some of the characteristics and practices we see in the church we know…and this site is our way of doing that.
We look forward to discovering with you what part each of us has in helping the church we all know to become more like Christ”

hum.jpgEach of the topics on the front page seems to have a short ironic video, I particularly liked the one in which the question is, Would Jesus buy a hummer? The answer being yes BUT only if he got a killer deal and could then use the vehicle for ministry! Beneath the video is then this piece (which encourages you to visit the discussion forum)
“What would Jesus do? This video is not really about kingdom economics, or whether or not it is a sin for you to buy a Hummer. That’s between you and God – and He is your judge, not us.
At its heart, it’s about the sayings, slogans, fads, and movements that come and go like Krispy Kremes at a Church potluck. What would Jesus do? What would Jabez pray? What is your ‘best life now,’ or your ‘purpose-driven church/life/tricycle?” At best, these can become cliché attempts to understand and control our life in Christ through catchy words, and at worst, they end up becoming semi-truths that allow us to justify a range of behaviors that may have nothing to do with God.
You can probably find 10 steps to physical healing, 5 steps to revival, 3 steps to a Godly marriage – but thankfully, there is only 1 step to fulfilling the will of God: love Christ”

I reckon this is a great, make you laugh then make you think site that you could really use for some group discussion. Nice!