State of the blog address

I’m still loving the interactivity of the blog, thanks for the help, silliness, input and fun via comments and e-mails. I find it incredible that so many youth workers stumble bleary eyed into the office at about 11:30* in the morning and check Youthblog before liberating something from the Tuck shop and naming it breakfast.
The blog is rapidly approaching it’s 1000th post, this feels like an important milestone but I’m not sure what to do with it, I’m open to suggestions! Linked to this is the fact that I’ve been blogging for 27 months so the archive list was mahoosive. To this end you now have to click on “Show Archives” if you want to delve into the former-narrative** (The search works brilliantly though if you are looking for a particular ramble). Oh and if anyone still visits via the old address of, there’s now a gentle reminder to update the link!
Spam continues to be an irritation but is mostly under control. Today however in a spectacular misunderstanding of the economic clout available to christian youth workers, this blog was spammed by a Private Jet charter company!???!
I’ve finally gotten round to applying to join IASYM (International Association for the study of Youth Ministry), I’ve cited this blog as evidence of my academic credentials so I’m hoping they have a sense of humour!
yblogt.jpgI also forgot to mention that I killed off “Pedallingmythoughts” as I didn’t have the time to maintain two blogs. Having committed blogocide though I might have to mention bicycles from time to time here as they are very much part of my DNA (not literally of course).
Anyway thanks for reminding me when I’m being a muppet and stretching my thinking when I’m not. I’m well chuffed that so many people either pop in or hoover the text into a Newsreader.
Here’s to christian youth work and ministry!

*Only teasing, I know most of you are actually at work by 11am 🙂

** I continue to make up words and terms in the ridiculous hope that one of them will eventually be adopted by Pete Ward or Kenda Creasy Dean

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  1. Ian, you could always invite a guest contributor onto your blog to celebrate the 1000 post. I dunno how about getting another “infamous” blogger to do it… Jonny Baker, MarkO. I think you get the idea!

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