Learning tables is difficult

An epic tale of furniture purchase and one man’s struggle with overwhelming possibilities!
I’ve finally managed to order the new Gopak furniture for the residential youth centre and man (person) was it ever complicated. I wanted 4 tables and 8 benches together with 8 folding chairs. No probs for an internet savvy table purchaser but I got swamped by the choice which was mahoosive. First off there are 6 different types of tables but narrowed it down very quickly with a complex economic algorithym i.e “Which are the cheapest?” but then discovered that only the ‘Premier’ range are advised for eating off as they don’t have the natty edging strips that end up catching food in. These (obviously) were more expensive but there is no reason why I couldn’t get cheaper benches! However the different ranges have different colour options so another layer of complexity while I found a suitable colour that I could get the benches and tables confusedsmall.jpg in. Now we were getting somewhere BUT the folding chairs are a different colour range!
(Decided at this point that the chairs would not match completely but I would embrace the eclectic look!)
Job done!
Nope, aaararrrrghghghgghh the tables, benches come in a myriad of height, width, length options so I ended up scurrying around the building measuring everything table-esque to glean an idea of what I needed. Finally decided that it had to be the 1520/685/698 option (genius!) for the tables and a wild guess at 1520/254/432 for the benches!
Huzzah, job done!
Well not quite, I’ve arranged to drive out to the residential centre on a pre-arranged day to furnish delivery of the furniture BUT the benches/tables come from a different place to the chairs meaning that they need to be delivered on different days!
This is a true story
I should point out that Gopak where very helpful every time I phoned back with the next layer of choice made. I’m not sure their call-back facility works though as they never did.