My fellow Woolhopians

Woolhope new dining 2.jpgI’m afraid this post is a little esoteric and will only be of any interest to those who’ve experienced the funkiest youth residential centre in the Western Spiral. As you can see the new dining suite has arrived and looks the wasps’ nipples! This completes the redevelopment of the far end of the building (note also presence of radiators)
Below is the appropriate liturgy
Me: The garage is dead!
ALL: Long live the dining room!
(Now, all I need is someone to lay the tables!)

Woolhope new dining 3.jpg
W, as they say, is for Woolhope!

7 Replies to “My fellow Woolhopians”

  1. ‘looks the wasps’ nipples!’ Thats a new on me!!
    Haven’t been to Woolhope for years. I will have to find an excuse now to admire the tables.

  2. Woohoo! Radiatiors 😀
    Now time for a new set of bunk beds (real ones this time, with friendly headroom and rails)! Then we’ll definatly have to get a Firm Reunion together!

  3. Hello daddy
    I think your blog is very funny.
    anyway the reason I called is because I was
    bored and needed something to do , apart from lego! because I have played that qiute a lot
    today.I am really looking forward too tommorow(sunday)because you have a day off and we’re
    going swimming together.At the moment(15 mins too five) the boys,(including Matthew )are jumping on cushoins and things as an asault course,
    love E xxxxx

  4. Ok mention of Wasps and woolhope in the same paragraph – that brings back unpleasant memories but otherwise – wahey!
    lay the table and put on some toast and tea!

  5. Coooool! (but hopefully not as cool as it was last time I sat in it) Loving KT’s reunion idea, but would we all fit, now that we’re all big and grown up and stuff? (Not that we’re actually grown up, though – I don’t intend to be a grown up for a looooong time yet.) It’s comforting to see that old wooden sideboard/writing desk thing is still in use though – was surprised to recognise it, but it’s remarkably familiar!

  6. Aha my dear ex-firmites
    Woolhope needs a cleaning blitz so if anyone fancies going for 24 hours in Jan then let me know and we’ll go and teleport some flies and the like.
    I’ll cook AND promise not to sing 🙂

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