It’s the oven, honest

Had a blast on my visit to St Luke’s youth group last night even if “Christ and the art of cycle maintenance” didn’t go entirely to plan (but hey things not going to plan does ‘ocassionally’ happen in youth work eh!). The youth group meet in the church which is really funky inside, I’ve never seen a Church where there is such evidence of young people’s ownership, very cool. Church on the outside, madcap youth and community hall on the inside (I’m going to have to get along to a Sunday service to see what it looks like then).
Did some bike stuff last night BUT the biggest hits in this department were riding my Brompton around, oh and seeing who could hold their thumb over the Track pump connector the longest and thus register the highest pressure (110psi).
I also got to play Pool. I got to sample some shortbread that was being made which was black on top and soft in the middle (but it was ” the oven that caused that”). I saw some First aid training going on, craft stuff and had quite a laugh with the young people. Class!