It’s going downhill

My speaking ministry is going downhill and fast! Or at least it will be as I’ve been invited to speak on a Ski trip at Easter.
ski signsmallbrd.jpgAs you can guess I’m as excited as an excited person who is very excited indeed, about the ministry opportunity as well as, of course, the skiing. It will be SO great to see my beloved Alps again and to be preaching in Switzerland.
I haven’t been skiing for a few years now as family situation and finances rendered it impossible BUT going I am with the great folk at Gold Hill Holidays. Twenty two hours by coach from London to Adelboden will be a great opportunity to get to know people on the trip before we even ski eh!
I tend to sign off my e-mails with ‘Shalom’ but this may morph slightly in light of the forthcoming trip
Slalom my friends, slalom 🙂