For the thousandth time

Well this is the one thousandth YOUTHBLOG post and I guess that calls for a bit of celebration, so pop a spoonful of real coffee in with the Decaf, open the Jammy Dodgers and then digest some of the typically pseudo-useful nonesense that is splurged here in support of youth ministry.
Here’s the stuff that’s blipped maggot like across the radar screen in the last few days:
Training and development
The Centre for Youth Ministry is holding two sessions at St John’s College on Wednesday 6 December. Both run from 10.30 am – 3.30 pm. ‘Funding – is it a lottery?‘ will be a practical session led by Nigel Pimlott. ‘Passion, Professionalism and Priorities: ‘Youth Ministry in the 21st Century…?’ will be a consultation with Iain Hoskins. E-mail for details.
The Spectrum conference for Youth work trainers is on the 15th-17th Jan. Oh and a special message to everyone who is telling me they WILL be going to Matrix …….. YOU WON’T BE UNLESS YOU GET ON AND ACTUALLY BOOK IT 🙂
Also, were you aware that the National Occupational Standards for Youthwork were being re-written AND the draft copy sees the competencies increased (they now go up to ‘M’ eek).
Fund raising:
Here’s one of those search engine jobbies that raises money everytime it’s used. It’s called Everyclick, link it up to your charity and get all your supporters using it and it could be quite lucrative.
Youth work Issues:
The University of Sheffield are conducting some research into SELF HARM, if you have any 14-19’s with experience of SH and would like to help then there is an online questionairre here. Unusually for me I’d like to flag up an article from the Daily Mail, I thought this was a good piece on concerns about underage sex.
Camps and Residentials:
The legendary Matt Stevens runs a New Year Houseparty for teens, it’s called COUNTDOWN and they still have some places left, have a look!
Anyway this being my thousandth post, I’d like to thank my Mum and dad, my agent (yeah right), everyone who has ever met me and my hair stylist. Thanks also to YOU, yes you … for calling in whether you are a commenter or a lurker. I checked with this site this morning and Youthblog is worth $38,000 (LOL) and I’m open to offers (as long as I can stay on as writer!). Let’s keep discussing, thinking, agreeing, disagreeing and debating eh …
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Shalom and trans blogospere hugs 🙂

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  1. Ooooh! Congratulations! *lets off a party popper or two*
    PS. Thank you for the Halloween sweets 🙂 They have been providing me with much needed sugar highs in between youthgroups!
    PPS. When’s Yellow Braces this year? I’m debating skiving a weekend here and coming along to help out… hehe. Can’t keep away!

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