Fire Safety

fman sam.jpg When I was a Church based youth worker I had a youth building that was ‘Grade 2 Star’ listed and even a cursory glance revealed it to be a Fire safety challenge. I put as much safety into place as I could and then rang the Fire service to arrange for them to come and check out our precautions. However, at this point they told me that they no longer did site visits!
To which I replied, “That’s a bit awkward because I’m going to struggle to get the building to you!”
I’ve just remembered why I started that waffly preamble. Amaze have flagged up that the ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order” is now in force. This order encompasses all buildings and includes marquees, place of worship and even outdoor events. The responsibility now rests entirely with the “responsible person” ….. this is not as tautological as it sounds. If you have a responsibility for a building or event then it is down to you to have carried out and acted on a ‘Fire risk Assesment”
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  1. You should try having a small Grade 1 listed Church with a growing congregation – even more of a challenge, and much frustration in PCC meetings over the whole thing. If we had to comply with the letter of the requirements (listed buildings can use alternative methods to improve fire safety if listing precludes some suggested methods) what with the listing stopping us from doing anything to the fabric of the building, we’d have to limit all our congregations to sixty people.

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