Extreme Risk Assesment

I’m a firm believer in Risk Assessments, they make an enormous difference to events being run well, and being run safely. Sadly though I often encounter two diametrically different positions on Risk Assessment: Either the
‘We don’t need to do that mamby pampy pc killjoy obsessive nonsense‘ position
OR the
‘I’m happy to say that we’ve scaled down all youth activity to single sex Beetle drives and a stay at home night as a result of our risk assessments!‘ response
Neither of which is helpful or useful, so here instead is a three step guide to Risk Assessment:
IDENTIFY RISKS have a good look at what you do, where you do it and who with, and spot what could go wrong.
ANALYSE THE RISKS decide how serious and likely the risks are.

do whatever you think is necessary to reduce the chances of things going badly wrong.
Having done the above it is then important it is enacted so needs to be communicated and worked from. The final step in to make sure it is a learning document. After the event, review and include any lessons/experience that have been learned for next time the event (or similar) is run.

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  1. thanks for the reminder – helpful line was “the law does not expect you to eliminate all risk”.
    On another note – where did you find the picture of our bathroom? 😉

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