Enabling a Team

If you want a team to perform, maintains Paul Williams, you need to think in terms of three buckets that need to be filled. The three buckets being TRUST, VISION and FUN. I think this is a brilliantly simple analysis of the key components of a ‘performing’ team. Paul however goes onto make one other crucial point …..
The Vision bucket leaks and musty be regularly re-filled!
As youth workers I would guess that we’re pretty good at enabling fun and trust in our teams BUT being reminded that there needs to be Vision that is regularly communicated, discussed and owned is helpful I think. There’s a real danger in a church situation that the vision stays internalised with us.

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  1. I find that a really helpful analogy! I remember the difference that having the team around to our home made to the dynamics to it as a whole – much more than any meeting could have made. We enjoyed being together and discovered more about what made each other tick whilst having some fun. I think sometimes we get so preoccupied with the work (however important and vital that is!) that we forget that the people we’re serving with are people in need of pastoral care, love and acceptance as the young people we work with are!
    Reckon different buckets are empty at different times and I wonder how much of that depends on where we as individuals are at?

  2. Claire,
    Thanks for the reflection Claire …… it’s a good reminder to be applying youth work principles to teams and wider.
    I liked your blog 🙂

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